Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hexagon Quilt Top

My recent master bedroom re-decorating project is in full swing with the comforters quilt top done. I am finally done with the hexagon (6inch) black and white themed, with an accent of light green/teal. I cut roughly 200 hexagons, using the little black dress collection. I loved every piece of fabric as it has some masculine and some feminine patterns. I purchased a printed green/teal fabric, a white patterned, and a black patterned fabric which I added to the collection and use in other areas of the room. Those three fabrics just became my three colors and patterns that would tie the pieces of decor together.

Now that you know what fabric I used, and what colors I purchased; its time I show you the long few days of cutting and sewing I did.

The first step was to cut. I love the JayBird hexagon/gem ruler and would recommend it to anyone. Its a simple tool to understand, and you can do so much more with it then just hexagons.

Cut, cut and cut some more. This stack was only half of the hexagons I needed.

Laying out the majority of the hexagons to see if I like the placements or move them around.

Put them in rows, tagged them with row 1... then sewed each row vertical, then slowly pieced them horizontally together.

I marked the stopping points on each side of the hexagon with a washable pen, and that helped me match points and know where to stitch too.

Once all the hexagons were together, I placed it on the bed to see what I still needed to add, or cut off.

I then sewed half hexagons to the left and right sides of the quilt.

Trimmed the sides and bottom, to complete a perfect rectangle. I then boarded the fabric with the black patterned fabric I purchased (not part of the Little Black Dress set). I put mitered corners in the sashing and you can see my video of it HERE.

Added another sashing, of the green purchased fabric.

The mitered sashing corners up close.

The last boarder is the white purchased fabric, and the top is done.

I am excited to finish this quilt up, but a queen size quilt on my small machine might be tough to do. I still need to come up with a quilting design I like too, anyone have any ideas? Well, if you do leave it in a comment below. Thanks for stopping by, and keep an eye out for more decor items for the master bedroom.

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