Friday, October 10, 2014


I recently was able to test out a paper piecing pattern for a fellow quilter. We both are in the Late Night Quilters Group on facebook, feel free to join us. Check out Kitty's blog, and see her amazing display of her TWO paper piecing patterns. She did a great job on both patterns and I would love to tell you all about them. 

Lets start with the leaf paper piecing, which you can purchase on her Craftsy page. I was really excited to try this pattern out. I have been wanting to do a leaf, a feather, and a few butterfly/bird patterns. When Kitty let me trial run this pattern I was so excited to check this off my list of must try items! The pattern went together really quickly, it was easy to follow. If you are a beginner paper piecer, this is a great pattern to try. If you are a more advanced paper piecing, this is still a great pattern, and still has a few challenges even for the more advanced. I found the one issue I had was with the stem of the leaf, as they are very tiny pieces, and somehow I kept sewing them into the seam. I eventually got it, as you can see from the photo below, but that was my only major issue. I also found lining up all the leaf lines was a little challenging, but if you make sure to square everything up, and double check as you are sewing along, then it should come out great! 

I would recommend this pattern to everyone.

The other paper piecing pattern I got to try out, was the fishies panel. You can purchase it at Craftsy. This pattern I did both facing right and left. The pattern is set so your fish end up facing right. I decided to change it up a little and face my second one to the left. PLEASE NOTE: when you purchase the pattern your fish will swim to the right. So, what did I think about this pattern? I actually found this pattern to be so much fun, and super easy. This pattern is great for beginners and for those more advanced paper piecers. My biggest struggle, sadly, was getting the fish tails lined up with their bodies. I am very OCD, so this might just be me, but it drove me nuts when I did it the first time, and they were just ever so slightly off. So, at most that will be the biggest challenge you face while making this pattern. I love how all you have to do is flip the fish and you have fish going any direction. You can change this up, move them around, add them to other ideas or projects. This is a great pattern to have. I found this pattern to be so much fun, and its a great panel for a girls room, a boys room, a play room, a bathroom, a guest room... see where I am going with this!?

I would highly recommend this pattern to anyone.

NOTE: I flipped the fish on my own, this is not how the pattern will be provided.

Be sure to mark Kittys Craftsy page in your bookmarks, or follow her if you have an account. She has a few other great patterns available as well. Feel free to check those out.


The giveaway will be your choice of EITHER the Fishies Panel, or the Leaf Panel. You get to pick the one you want. In order to win, you must do the following steps below, good luck and be sure to check back here NEXT FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17 to see who won! Feel free to share this blog post or any other social medias you prefer. 

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3. Lastly, leave a comment below with your Instagram name, and which pattern you want to win and why?

Good luck, you have until OCTOBER 17, so be sure to tell your friends, and check out my instagram for another chance to win other goodies, later on!

Good Luck,

A special thank you to Kitty for providing the giveaway.


Kendall Smith said...

I love the leaf one it's so cozy and beautiful. I've never done anything that intricate but I'd love the challenge!

Johanna said...


Either! Love the possibilities. Love the leaf, but also totally see fishy making nice decor for a baby room!

Catherine said...

I've only had a go at a pieced butterfly before and the leaf looks slightly more challenging. I also have some lovely autumn fabrics that I would like to use too so it is the leaf for me. Followed on Instagram and the shop. I'm cathp53 on Instagram

Jess Burns said...

I don't have instagram, but I did like / follow your Etsy shop. :)