Monday, October 6, 2014

Cathedral Window Pillow

I saw on pinterest a few of these cathedral quilts and pillows. I had been working on our master bedroom decor and wanted to add an accent pillow or two. I thought, well the cathedral pillow would be a great idea. So, I found a great tutorial on how to make cathedral windows without any hand sewing. (There is a part two, so be sure to check that out too.)

The tutorial is super easy to follow and I really enjoyed making this pillow. I hope you find this pillow inspiring as well. Thank you to House of A La Mode for the great tutorial.

Once you do a bunch of ironing you will have the desired amount of windows. I feel like the ironing was the hardest part.

The tutorial shows you how to sew all the windows together by machine, and it goes pretty fast. I had all the windows together with in minutes. I then cut out all the squares, and left a few holes for the green fabric (which I needed to buy more of).

Once I had all the fabric I began machine sewing all the window flaps. It was probably the hardest part. I tried extremely hard to make all the flaps even, but it is harder then it looks.

Once all the windows are in place, it looked great. Some windows are off but once I turned it into a pillow it was definitely harder to see.

Trimmed all the extra material and ready for the back part of the pillow.

The pillow put together and stuffed. I then showed my neighbor and she said buttons would make this even better.

So of course I listened, and added some buttons. She has a great designing eye!

This accent pillow is perfect for the bedroom, and I love how big and bold it is!

When I was done with the pillow, I really thought "how does anyone make a quilt like this!?" I mean the amount of work that goes into this type of quilt would be exhausting. I give everyone major kudos for making a quilt with cathedral windows. Especially, if they did it by hand, which I hear is what they use to do!

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