Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Give Thanks October, Week 4

October 22:
     I needed a lot of interface for a few quilt projects... So, while at Joanns I was able to get an entire BOLT of interface and use a coupon on top of the already 40% off. So thankful that I was able to get over 40 yards of interface and save more money then I paid!!!!

October 23:
     Thankful for the several hours of nap time (for the kiddos) today, because I was able to finish another section of my MA class, and took the section test and received 100!!!

October 24:
     I am so thankful for our Friday Playgroup, it has turned into a wonderful group with some amazing moms and I am just feeling extra lucky to have all of them in my life and in my home each week!

October 25:
     Well, woke up to our fire alarm screaming at us that it had a low battery, and noticed our power was out. Once we all woke up it was just too hot and stuffy in the house, so I have to say I am thankful for a small adventure for the day, of getting out and just going wherever.

October 26:
     I am so thankful for all the amazing people who are giving my business so much love! Check out my facebook page and like it, then check out my Etsy shop and favorite it! Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this new adventure.

October 27:
     Thankful that today I can say Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mom, and know that I will get to see her in a few weeks. I hope she has a special, wonderful and amazing birthday! I love you so much Mom, and I really can not wait to see you!!

October 28:
     Its been a crazy day with a lot of running around, but one thing I am thankful for is that I was able to get our appointments made and our cars tire rotated and balanced today. I know I have had those on my to do list for too long, CHECK!

Give Thanks,

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