Thursday, May 2, 2013

Maxi Dress for My Baby Bump

We decided we wanted to vacation back home in California for our son's first birthday and while home I was going to have a baby shower. I was so excited to finally have a baby shower with family and close friends! I wanted to wear a cute dress, as I never really get to wear cute dresses! So, I saw this tutorial on pinterest on how to make a maxi dress. I altered the design a little, by installing an elastic "waist" line (more like above the bump line). I also made a "belt" to go around the seam of it all! I also added binding onto the sleeves and neck line.

Stitching the skirt to make sure its the right size.

Putting the finish touches on the skirt.

The binding getting put on for the neck and arms!

The finished dress!
I also forgot to mention I added a slit in the back to give me more room to walk! I already have no balance so I didn't want to give myself another reason to fall on my face! Notice that in the maxi dress tutorial she uses a tank top. I was going back in February so i was in need of a little more coverage, hence the white t-shirt. I also had these on hand as I am pregnant and needed new PJ shirts to sleep in.

The Maxi dress in action!

Opening gifts at my baby shower!

Heres the tutorial that I used!

Now get sewing,

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