Saturday, May 4, 2013

Its a Doggy Dog World

I have a bad habit of starting a quilt and never finishing it. Ok, I finish them, but it always takes me weeks, months, and even sometimes, YEARS!!! I finished a recent quilt I started back when I first got married and moved to Okinawa, Japan. I sent it out to have it long-armed and everything! All I had to do, when I got it back, was put the binding on the quilt! Simple, right? Well, it took me almost 5 years, but I finished it! I liked this quilt a lot and thats why I wanted to take my time and put the binding on by hand! Okay, without further-a-dew, here it is:

With this overdue project begging to be finished, and now completed; I needed to get back into my other piles of unfinished quilts. On the cutting board, was my "dog" quilt. Its dog themed fabric, and thats why it has received the nickname "dog" quilt. Now this quilt I started back in July of last year (2012), and I just finished both front and back a few weeks ago. I then began free motion quilting the entire thing. It was my first free motion quilt in this size.

This has two very unique designs on both sides of the quilt, but they still have a common theme to keep the flow of the quilt.

One side of the quilt, no binding yet.

Other side of the quilt, again not finished, but the binding was sewn onto this one side, not yet finished though!
 I finished hand sewing the dog quilt and I would say its a perfect lap quilt, toddler play-mat (for the yard/park), and you can use either side!

One side of the finished dog quilt!
The other side of the finished dog quilt!
Both sides together!
The finished binding with both sides, and some of the fabric up close!

 I am enjoying getting these projects done, that I might have to pull out all my old shirts from around the world and start working on my t-shirt quilt!

I did want to say the patterns i used for these quilts, I personally made up, and put together on my own. I have seen quilts with similar designs and have received inspiration from them. However, I prefer my own designs and rarely use patterns!

Happy Quilting,

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