Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pregnancy Post!!! My Gestational Diabetes (not so fun) Adventure!

Here I am sitting in my bed relaxing and thinking about my day. I spent about 2 hours at the Dr.'s office for a bunch of tests. What for you ask? Well, I have Gestation Diabetes (GD)! Let me give you a little background so you all can catch up!

When you are pregnant, at around 24 weeks you have to take whats called a glucose test. Its super easy; show up, drink a very sugary drink, wait an hour and get your blood drawn. When I did the test with my first child it tasted like orange sunkist on crack, and this time i got fruit punch on crack! I did what all the woman do, drank my drink, and got my blood drawn. I then proceeded to wait for the phone call from my Dr., but I never received one. So, I simply said to myself "I passed". However, something bothered me about it and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Oh well, move on, and thats what I did.

I went back 4 weeks later at 28 weeks and had a great appointment, and wasn't even told anything about my glucose test (again, I thought I passed). I met again at 30 weeks, and thats where the beans finally were spilled. I had GD! I was shocked when the Dr. came into my room and said "So, somehow you slipped through the cracks and you were not informed that you have GD. Well, now that we have caught it, you are now being told you have it." My eyes teared up, my face got hot, my body wanted to run, but my brain told me to sit there, and listen. I asked what happened, and she just simply replied that "I somehow was not caught, that someone forgot to call me, and that SOMEHOW at my last appointment even the Dr. didn't catch it."

30 Weeks Pregnant, now with GD

I calmed myself down as I knew there was a lot of information and questions about to go back and forth between the Dr. and I. I spent what felt like an hour in the room talking to her about; checking my blood glucose/sugar levels, about what to eat, when to eat, when to check my numbers, what were good, what were bad, and how to stay active and stay healthy. I was overwhelmed with anxiety, anger, frustration, confusion, sadness, and so many other emotions all at once. I set up my weekly appointment and proceeded to head home. I cried the entire way home.

I can remember saying "why me?", "they tell me now, after I dug a 6 week hole", "what do I have to change?" I was by far a tiny fish in a huge ocean of new information and challenges. I did not have GD with my first (although, I look back and wonder if I did). I just had to suck it up, and fight this fight. Like all moms, we adjust, learn, and eventually succeed!

The past 3 weeks my life has changed some, and hasn't changed in other areas. I try to walk as much as I can, even if it means to the mailbox and back! I try to stay away from sodas, as much as I crave those coke icees. I try to snack on 6 small meals, and not 3 large ones, but with a one year old that can be a challenge. I measure my blood sugar 5 times a day (which is just a prick of the finger). I recall the first time I did that test, and how I used 3 different test strips, just to get a reading! I even read the instructions, with little help! I eventually figured it out and now I am like an old pro at it.

My kit to test my blood sugar levels!

The Dr. appointments are now weekly instead of biweekly as they would be if I wasn't GD. I get an ultrasound to measure the baby and placenta once a month. I get an ultrasound the rest of the month to measure the fluid inside my uterus to make sure I don't have too much or too little. As both can be bad for the little one! I get a stress test, which is basically you are hooked up to a monitor thats connected to two straps that go around your giant belly, and it tracks the movement and heart beat. You simply push a button every time you feel the baby move, and then the information is reviewed by the doctor. Movement is great, the babies heart beat shouldn't drop or rise drastically, and the baby shouldn't stop moving for LONG periods of time. I do a stress test, as far as I can tell, every week now!

This past week, at my 32 week appointment I was told I needed medicine to help get my sugar levels under control. I was devastated. However, like all patience I take the medicine and hope for the best. I started the medicine, and by the first afternoon I was shaking, confused, sweating, faint feeling, and weak in the knees. I asked a friend what to do and she said eat something. Sure enough, after some peanut butter toast I felt normal again. The second day I took it, even though I was so scared to, I did anyways, and had an even worse spell. I had something to eat, but it seemed to take longer to get back to normal. Then I called the on call nurse and asked her what to do, she said give it another day. I tried, and it all happened again. I skipped the 4th day as I just couldn't handle it anymore. I then waited until the 5th day when my husband was home all day and could help me watch our son. This way I could watch what I was doing, and track my levels even better. I did great, no shaking, no weakness. The only symptom I had was slight dizziness. By my appointment (33 weeks) I felt decent on my medicine. I am not going to say I woke up jumping for joy to take the medicine, but I could manage myself during the day now. When I saw the Dr. for my 33 week appointment, she said the words I didn't want to hear. "I think you need to take the medicine twice a day!"

Oh no, this wasn't happening again was it. I can't go through even more ups and downs like I am some crack addict. I just couldn't. My husband has been against me taking the medicine from day one, so I simply said, "please, is there anything else we can do?" I just really didn't want the second round of medicine. She suggested a food log. Okay, I could attempt that. A food log with my testing, and once a day medicine. I can try this. At most, I do this for a week and she will let me know if I can continue with one pill or if I need to go to two. I will start my food logging tomorrow, and I will have to hold myself accountable for everything now! Lots of walking, lots of water, and lots of protein balanced with fruits and veggies.

So, thats my GD story so far. Ill be sure to keep you all up to date as I go along these next few weeks. I just hope I don't have to take any more medicine!

Ill keep you updated weekly if possible. I hope my story can help those that are dealing with this or just newly GD patience! Chin up, we all can survive this and do amazing things!

Stay Strong,

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