Saturday, February 8, 2014

February Giving Thanks, Week 1

This month I am going to do my giving thanks by weeks. I felt like I was sitting on the January post for too long. It drove me kind of nuts. So, ill post weekly, and that way you all can read a few at a time, and not 30 or so.

February 1:
      I am so thankful its February! My sisters baby shower is this month, as well as my sons 2nd birthday! Its going to be a great month, I can just feel it!

February 2:
     I am so thankful for a husband who knows how to use tools. He was able to bust out a cutting table for my fabric, in my sewing/craft room, in less then an hour. Its awesome, and its pretty much custom built for my height. He said hes going to eventually add a shelf to it, so I can place fabric below thats not is use. I am extremely happy, and it works great!

February 3:
     Today, I am thankful I hit a goal weight I had in mind, for my weigh in today! Yep, I had to weigh in for my WW, and I told myself I wanted to be at xxx number and I landed right on it! I even went out and spoiled myself with an In-N-Out burger!!! Yeah!

February 4:
      Double seated shopping carts, like the ones you find at sams club or costco, yep those; thats what I am so very thankful for today! Jared man is at that point where he can now sit in a shopping cart, and so today when we went to sams club, both my boys got to enjoy a ride in the cart! Jared was just so excited, and Brian loved having his brother right next to him. It definitely melted my heart.

February 5:
      I am so thankful for those special moments I get to have with my wonderful kids. They are growing up so fast, so those special moments that I do have mean the world to me.

My big boy is not feeling well, and my little guy is sleeping!

February 6:
     Husband came home super early from work, so thankful for perfect timing. He helped load up the car for our trip to southern Cali tomorrow!

February 7:
     Arrived in southern Cali before noon, so thankful for the very little traffic we hit and the two extremely happy kiddos the entire way!

Enjoying the in-laws coffee table as a teether.

Dinner at grandma and grandpas house!

Giving thanks 365 days,

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