Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Craft Idea

I was trying to clean up my craft/sewing room the other day, yes its a disaster. I came across one of those shower curtain pressure mount extension rods. I had purchased a few small skinny ones when we lived in Okinawa, Japan; because we had a small kitchen window that had tile all around it. Anyways, I grabbed the small rod, looked at my ribbon rolls and BAM! I thought, why not just put the ribbon rolls onto the rod, and pressure mount it into my bookcase! Brilliant!

Now I can just slide it off, add new ones, and or take old ones off, and its portable. I can move from this house to another, and I will always have somewhere to put this, because I will always have those bookcases! So, if you don't want to make or purchase some fancy wood box that holds the ribbons, now you can purchase a skinny pressure mount extension rod and your problem is solved! Super cheap, or in my case free, crafty clean up, check! Also, if you don't have a bookcase like mine, you can do this with any space. Just find an area in the closet, or you can purchase a small bookcase at a thrift store or garage sale.

I used one of my smaller shelf areas, so the ribbon wouldn't run away.

Heres the rod up close. It works great.
I did want to point out, in the photo above, you can see the rubber stoppers on the end of the rod... I had to take mine off to get a few of the ribbon rolls onto the rod. So, in other words, make sure the rubber stops come off, or you get a rod small enough to fit over the holes in the ribbon rolls. 

All I need to do now is get a ton more ribbon.

Happy Hunting,

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