Thursday, January 16, 2014

Being a Mom of Two

Yes we all know, I am a mom of two boys. Brian is my oldest at 23 months in a few days, and Jared is 6 months old and will be 7 months in a week or so. I love them to death, but lets be honest I am a human being too. I stay at home with the boys, even though I often think about what job I would love to have right now. I often think about the extra money, the things we could have, or just buy because we have the extra money. Then I think about the daycare, the amount it will cost us, and who will be raising my kids while I'm working.

I honestly am a stay at home mom because I am scared to death of who or what someone would do to my child. My baby Jared is still so young, and tiny. He can't fight back or say stop, even my almost 2 year old wouldn't know to say stop. They are at the mercy of the adult. I always worry about those watching my children. Are they going to hurt them if I don't pay them enough? Are they going to neglect them if I don't provide all their food and some? As a mom, these kinds of questions pop into our heads all the time.

However, I am human too and I also need adult time. I think too many people say, "Oh well, you are a stay at home mom and so you do nothing all day anyways, best job ever." WRONG!!! How about I quit my "job" for a week, and see how well you do with finding a full time daycare or babysitter (don't forget to pay them, and tip them too); then find a maid to clean your house, and make your meals (don't forget to pay her too, and you might want to tip her, so she grabs the groceries you need as well). At the end of the week, add that up and see how much money you spent. Then ask the baby sitter and maid all they did... Thats what I do, but I do it for FREE!!!!

The tortellini soup I made the other night!

Sure most people say we do nothing as a stay at home mom, but I am here to say we actually do EVERYTHING, and sometimes, more! I don't sleep well at night because I am waking up with every cry, and every thump made on the monitor. I get up to soothe or calm the kids, getting divided hours or minutes of sleep. (Hows your 8 hours of solid sleep?) I then wake up, feed, change, and play with the kids. All while either preparing the dinner menu, washing dishes, doing laundry, or folding laundry. Once lunch is served, naps are always fun to attempt; alone, while another child cries at you. Then while they nap I get alone time. What do I do with it you ask? I SIT! I have my lunch in peace, without a child's hand digging in to it, or asking for a "bite, please". I then make my mental list of all the crafts or fun projects I want to do before one of the kids wakes up, and just when I am done siting, having my lunch; a child cries, or wakes up from their nap. The rest of the day is spent, changing diapers, cleaning kids up, going for a walk just to get some fresh air, feeding EVERYONE dinner, giving baths, cleaning up toys, and doing even more dishes. After all that, I might have enough energy to pull out the mop and mop the floor (which probably hasn't been done in weeks), or I pull out the vacuum cleaner and vacuum (which also probably hasn't been done in a good minute). By the time all that is done, you have wondered to the bedroom, showered, brushed your teeth and gone to bed. I can't recall the last time I cleaned my hair, or took a HOT shower (for more then 5 minutes0, brushed my teeth, or done something for myself!

I honestly want to remind all those HUSBANDS out there, with a wife that stays at home with their kid(s), that you need to say "thank you", "love you", and "you look amazing right now". Trust me when I say this, we don't hear it enough. I love my husband, I love my kids, and I would do everything and some for them, but I am human too. I need love, laughter, and kind words. Remember to say hello, goodbye, and thank you, every once in awhile. Help, even after your long day at work, because my day is never ending; even if the kids are in bed. On the weekends, take a minute to do something for your wife, let her sleep in an hour or two (she will really REALLY love you for that), make her lunch, or take the kids for an hour to the park. Its always the small things you do for her that will make her smile, and wake up on Monday morning saying, "I can do this!"

 I feel like at the end of the day, I didn't choose to be a stay at home mom, it chose me! I am blessed that I can stay home with my kids, and I blessed that my husband has a wonderful job that keeps a house over our heads and dinner on the table. Do not think, for a minute, that I would give it all up to live a "normal" life. Never. I enjoy this crazy mommy life, and I enjoy being with my kids. Just remember that, we too are human and we too need some love, time alone, and some pampering! So, next time you want to say "oh your a stay at home mom" in your sarcastic voice, you might want to re-think your response! 

Happy Parenting,

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