Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Quilters, Calling All Quilters!!!

I am a huge pinner on pinterest, and I am big on following as many quilt blogs, website, and or facebook pages I can find! I want to know all the new designs, and hip quilt patterns that are out. I find that sometimes I can get lost in the internet for hours just looking at new fabric and quilts, and even reading up on tutorials or magazines. I love to just dive into everything quilt and fabric related.

I found that it can be a little overwhelming or annoying at times. I even find that I will start with one tab open and end up two hours later with 12 or even 15 tabs open. Its so overwhelming and exciting, and I just wanted to find a group, page or something that helps get all the info into a one stop shop!

This is where facebook comes in. I decided why search and search and search; why not just make a quilting group page on facebook and let our voices be the ones to talk about whats hip, informational, new patterns, and whatever else! So, here it is, the group that will hopefully become a world wide hit, and help us all!

Quilters Unite!    The link is no longer available, but feel free to add yourself to this group: SEW CRAFTY!  Click on it, add yourself to the group, add your friends, tell your friends, and share the group. Help get the word out and then join in on the conversations, add your photos, ask questions, and so much more! Come join us!

Heres your chance to help others, or help yourself! I would love to get everyones input as to what they want to see in the group, and fun contests or games we could do on the page.

Hope to see you on the page,

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