Friday, October 4, 2013

Beale AFB

We have arrived!

We arrived Thursday morning and by noon we had our keys to our house in hand! We spent the night on cots and the boys were in the pack-n-plays. It was like camping in a nice clean brand new home. Yes I did say BRAND NEW HOME! They just built the homes and are slowly renting them out! We had snack food but not really anything to cook, and so of course, we just did drive through food (yet again).

Down Stairs, camping out with our crazy mess!
When we woke up Friday, we cleaned up and got ready for the day. Our TMO was arriving some time in the morning around 8am. We waited about 20 minutes after 8 and we received a phone call saying the driver and crew were lost on base. My husband jumped in the car and drove off to find them. Around 9am they all finally arrived and the long process began.

New dinning room and kitchen.

The largest garage yet!

My worst nightmare came true, stairs!!!
 We started out with the simple walk through of the house and where we wanted everything to go. Of course thats usually the important information for them because then they can make piles of boxes in the areas where your furniture wont be placed, right?!? I noticed they really could care less when I was telling them exactly where all the large furniture items were going to go, so I knew right then and there this was going to be a fun filled day. Then, the guys got to work unloading the crates. One by one our items came off the truck, loaded into the house, and checked off the long list.

Helping me check items off the list. He is in the swing, but the swing is not assembled, LOL!
As lunch started to approach the guys started to rush through the last crates. We noticed more and more damaged items. They also were placing random boxes all over the place (we didn't realize this until after they had left for the day). Our list was still not fully checked off and we were missing a ton of stuff. After all the crates were emptied, the head guy made a phone call and of course they found another crate that had our name on it.

The first crew then packed up: fast, very very fast, and headed out. Nothing was put together, none of the beds had all their pieces, and tons of stuff was still missing. We ate lunch, the boys took a nap, and about an hour maybe more, the second truck showed up. They started to unload items, and we realized even MORE stuff was broken. Not only that but the previous head guy with the first crew was telling us to check stuff off that he "knew" he brought in. When the items came of the second truck I was checking numbers off and of course they were already checked off. When all was said and done, ton of items and boxes were missing. We were pretty upset and again these guys were trying to rush off and not set up anything. I pretty much nagged them and begged them to put the items together so my two children (remember they are both under 2) could sleep in their beds. Finally, after the paper work was done, the beds were put together and a few large items were built.

When we started to unpack a few boxes and get the boys ready for bed we noticed their beds weren't put together the way they needed to be. So, we spent the next hour fixing their beds. Then finally the boys were in bed. We spent the weekend unpacking and putting stuff away. We were pretty upset as we started to notice A LOT of damage. Our large dresser is broken, our bed is broken, our recliner is broken, our fold out table is broken, tons of wood items have HUGE gashes of wood missing or scratched, shelves are broken, and theres extremely expensive military items missing as well. The moving company that packed our stuff in NM loaded it into a large truck, not crates. When it arrived in Cali it was taken off the truck and loaded into crates. That is when we feel the most damage happened. The moving company here in California was Colonial.

If your military and you are given an option to use Colonial or not, PLEASE do NOT use them! We are missing so much stuff, high priced items are broken or damaged, and even some of our Military items are missing. Please do everything you can to NOT use that company!

Our stuff was thrown everywhere and placed anywhere they wanted to put it. Stuff was down stairs that needed to be upstairs, and stuff was upstairs that needed to be down stairs. Boxes that were marked master bedroom were found in our dinning room. Items that were marked office were in the craft room when it should have been down stairs. We are still digging through stuff, and were still missing important items and half our stuff is just not in the right spot. Its more frustrating then ever. Also, the movers brought in our dryer through the front door and scratched the front door so bad. Did I mention this is a BRAND NEW HOME! Then after the guy comes out to my husband and asks him if he has paint or a pen to cover it up... SERIOUSLY?!?! No, we just moved in, the house is brand new and you think were just going to cover up the damage. I DO NOT THINK SO! We will be filling a claim against them as they not only damaged our door but they damaged our banister and walls as well!

Scratched side rail to one of the cribs! NOTE: I made teething guards for my kids, so this is NOT from chewing, as I made sure the cribs were fine when we left NM!
 Click HERE to see the teething guards I made.

The laminate was torn off almost every panel on this bookcase.

This is a book shelf... no longer can use it, its broken from one side to the other.

Same bookcase, another book shelf, damaged badly!
 This moving company did not care about us at all. They even unloaded stuff, called the numbers, leaned the items against their truck and then TOOK items with them! We noticed we marked our ladder as being here, and then we realized a week later its nowhere to be found. We know we saw it come off the truck, we saw it, we checked the item as here, but its nowhere in our home! I can't even believe how much stuff is gone. Its mind blowing. With three moves under our belt, we know what to expect, but this; this was just way too much!

How do you do this? This is mind blowing to me.

The back of this unit is pushed in, completely damaged! The drawers on the other side helped fix the back, we pushed the drawers in and the board moved somewhat back in place, still doesn't look nice!

End tables in our living room!

Because you know, this is how I pack photos... ass holes!

My thread holder was beat up pretty bad!

inside a box, these are cards and other items from my sons 1st year of life. They were all NICELY placed into a box and organized. He took them out of the box and chucked it into this box. Now the items are bent, and wrinkled, as well as no longer organized. I am pretty upset at this one!
 I hope tomorrow is a better day, but after a week of opening boxes with broken or damaged items, its getting exhausting!

Happy packing,

PS: Theres more damage photos, I just didn't want to post ALL of them! If you want to see more photos of our damaged items, let me know. I will gladly load them up on here for you all to see!

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