Saturday, June 29, 2013

Our Little Man is Here!

Jared has arrived! We are so excited to finally be a family of 4 and can not wait to see what our two boys grow up to be! I did want to take a second and say thank you to everyone who supported us and helped us through the entire pregnancy and also the last few days! And now, I won't keep you waiting heres my birth story of Jared!

Last week on the 19th of June, I had my 38 week appointment with my doctor. He pretty much gave me two options; when he realized in a week I had only gone one more cm (putting me at 2cm); his first option was to come back Monday and get checked, and see where I was and decide on an induce date, or two, get induced on Monday. My due date fell on a weekend (June 30), and I honestly was so miserable I could barely sleep at night. I pretty much jumped at the chance to be induced on Monday! My doctor made the phone call and our induction was set! I was going in on Monday and I was going to have this baby one way or another.
38 Weeks Pregnant
 The hubby and I spent the entire weekend walking, cleaning, and enjoying our Brian man! We really wanted to have Jared naturally, so we tried a few small things during the weekend to induce labor but nothing worked. Mango-kiwi-blueberry smoothie was delicious, but does not induce labor. I tried the spicy food by pouring packet after packet of hot sauce from Taco Bell all over my food, and that did not induce labor. We tried walking and galloping and bouncing on the ball, all without any luck of inducing labor. So, sadly, but yet excitingly Monday was here, and we were headed to the hospital at 7am!
39 Weeks Pregnant, last day being pregnant!
When we reached the hospital my nerves were at an all time high. I was so nervous about being induced, and what it would feel like, and how quick or slow it would work... I was ready, so ready; that, I did know. Once we got our room, Labor and Delivery room #4, we were set and in for the ride! I had a friend, Aida, who is also working on getting her midwife license, who was there to support me and also observe the birth of our little guy. The induction started at 10am with cervadil, which is a small applicator that is inserted behind the cervix to help it dilate and soften. I was thinking that it would start some seriously painful contractions right away, but it was totally the opposite. We sat and waited while I was monitored on the computer for awhile, then we walked, then we were monitored, then we walked... we had lunch, and when I was checked late in the afternoon I was only 3 1/2cm. I was devastated.
At the hospital getting the party started!

Just getting comfortable.

All day we had walked, we had talked, I had relaxed, I breathed, and it wasn't getting me very far. At this point I was only having front contractions which for me were super easy to handle. I eventually sat on the ball and did a lot of moving, and swaying; and thats when the back contractions started to slowly creep in. I was so frustrated at that point, because thats all I asked not to have, and here they were... When the back contractions started to get worse, I had to climb back into the bed and sit on the monitor. It was around 11:45pm that I just could not handle the pain in the bed and sitting, so I asked for something to help the pain. I received fentonal, which was awesome!

Fentonal is just a drug they slip into your IV and shortly after your feel warm and fuzzy inside. I was so loopy feeling and after a short few minutes I closed my eyes, and everyone got some rest.


1AM rolled around and the contractions were back and I was in pain again. I received another round of fentonal, but this time it did NOT seem to do anything. All the nurses, and Aida warned me that the second time you get it, it probably wont work as well as the first time. The nurses let me labor for another hour with the fentonal and came back to check in on me around 2am. By 2:13am I had the nurse setting up my IV flush so I could receive an epidural. I labored for another hour with the IV flush and by 3:01am the anesthesiologist was in the room and walking me through the procedure. I had received an epidural with my first, so I knew what to expect, but for some reason this one hurt a lot more. By 3:06am the epidural was in and I was laying on my back waiting for the pain to subside.With an epidural you have to have a catheter placed so you don't go off peeing the bed.I had mine placed and I was off to sleep!

Once everything was a green light, I went back to sleep, with very very little pain! I slept extremely well from 3am to about 8am. The nurse came in to do the morning checks and let us know what the plan was for the morning. They had two c-sections scheduled and after the doctor was done with those then they would come back to us and get the pitocin in my IV started. We waited around for a little while and shortly after the nurse came in with my bag of pitocin. This was around 10am or so. We all hungout, had lunch, watched the contractions on the monitor as they got stronger and stronger.

Noon the doctor and nurse came in and checked to see how my progress was, which was now at 5cm. Not great but after all that pain during the night I had only progressed a few cm. I was crushed, but the doctor had a way to get things going. She decided we would pop my water and see where that took us. So, noon my water was broken, the pitocin was pushed up a little more and I was set off to enjoy the ride.

Around 12:30pm I was asking Aida and my husband to call the nurse because the contractions were so painful and I was sure my epidural ran out. When the nurse came in to check on me I begged her for more medicine to be placed in my epidural, but to do so we had to see where I was at. I was in so much pain, and I could move both legs without any help. I could feel the catheter and also the internal monitor they placed at noon. I knew this epidural was gone. I just didn't realize how painful this was about to get. The nurse checked me and I asked if I could have more pain medicine, and she said "nope, you need to push, your at 10cm!" I looked at her like she was crazy! My contractions felt like someone was placing bricks on my tailbone and pelvic bone and pushing them with all their strength outward. It hurt like hell. The doctor was called in at 12:39pm and I was told to push. I pushed, and struggled to stick with it because the pain was so extreme. I screamed a few times "I can't do this anymore," as if I was just going to get up and walk away, yeah right! I pushed for only 24 minutes, and Jared was born at 1:04pm! Yes, it only took me an hour to go from 5cm, to fully dilated, to delivering my son!
First sight!
 I was just shocked how fast that last hour went. I was out of my mind. However, it was real, he was in my arms and I was looking at this chubby cheeked boy who was so dang cute. Our Jared was born of June 25, 2013 at 1:04pm, weighing in at 8lbs even, and a short little 20 1/4in baby boy! He seemed very happy to be here in the world, and we were so happy to have him here with us. Aida, headed out shortly after I was stitched up and Jared was cleaned off! I have to say a big thank you to both my amazing husband and Aida for making me laugh, and helping me through some of the most painful moments of my life. I am so lucky to have had such support around me. I wanted to thank the nurse Espy, and my midwife who helped me through those last few moments of pain and really pushed me that extra mile.

 I can not believe he is here, even to this moment as I look at him sitting here beside me. I am a happy mother of two and I hope Brian is an awesome big brother!

Our sweet little Jared!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

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