Friday, June 21, 2013

Laptop Case- Attempting to use a Pattern

My husband is the best husband ever, and got me an early Mother's Day gift a few weeks back. It of course was a MacBook Air!! I am in love with the small size, the light weight, and the super compact style! However, we spent Mother's Day looking for a case to travel with it in. I had no luck. I hated almost everything I saw. Too simple, not enough padding, to hard, and not enough room for other stuff (ie. the power cords, my ipad, his ipad mini, those cords, etc.). So, after what felt like forever... I decided, whatever; Ill just go find a pattern and make my own! 

Note: I have used a purchased/store bought pattern ONCE before this. Remember, I am a self taught sewer, and have learned lots from the wonderful internet!

We headed over to walmart, and found this pattern at a decent price and it had several options too. I liked the idea of a top loading case because then when I slide it into my backpack it will just be a flip of the top and there it is. I also liked the idea of adding extra pockets for cords, or the ipad mini. The pattern called for velcro, but if you know me, you know I hate velcro. Never works well, and never stays shut. I like my snaps. So, a little planning ahead and I was able to add the snaps where I wanted them!

From the pattern I used the D bag. Now this pattern called for a pocket on the outside and one on the inside. I did not add the outside pocket, as I do not like those on my cases. If you put stuff in the outside pocket and slide it into a back pack thats already full the items in the pocket tend to either fall out or get in the way. I also, did NOT want a strap. I find those pointless as everything goes into a back pack and like I said, I want a case not a bag! Ok, so with all my modifications this is what I finished up with!

Not going to lie, this pattern was tough to follow as it jumps from D to bag A and then back, and its just confusing! I feel like when I am reading a pattern its in a foreign language. I struggled to understand it a hundred percent but in the end, I had a case! I think thats all that matters!

The entire collection.

I made a divider for when I add the laptop and my ipad to the case. This way they stay separated, and don't end up banging into each other, causing scratches or marks. I used Mink fabric, and some layered batting which I quilted.

Ipad, (green binder would be laptop) Laptop, and divider in the case.

I also made this small pocket, for the power cord or cords. I eventually finished it off with a snap closure. Its perfect for the power cord!

Inside pocket with snap.

I am glad I figured out how to make the inside pocket work, plus add the snap closure! It worked out great, and its lined with mink so if the ipad mini needs to go inside it wont get scratched (as its screen is exposed).

The entire case closes with two snaps!

Completely finished and divider is ready to be used!
When little Jared (baby #2) decides to join us, ill pack up the ipad and laptop in this case and throw it into the backpack! So excited to use this! I am in love with the fabric, super cute and super modern! Not to mention on our drive to Beale AFB this case will be perfect for all the electronics!

If any of you try this pattern out, I would highly recommend opening it up and reading the instructions BEFORE you purchase it! Make sure you understand it, if you can't understand it, but still want to get it, I would recommend either trying to find some type of help, or maybe use the wonderful internet for a guide!! Ill be sure to do that next time!

Hope you all have better luck with the pattern then me,

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