Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Father's Day!

A lot of people love to celebrate Mother's Day with cards, candy, and of course roses! We on the other hand, we like to celebrate by just enjoying the day as a family and relaxing (usually). This year, for Father's Day; with myself being so big and pregnant, I didn't really find the time (or energy) to do anything huge, extravagant or crazy like I usually try to do! I often get creative and make something, or cook, bake, decorate, and or go out and have a crazy fun day! Nope, this year I said "I'll wake up with Brian, get him fed and let Daddy sleep or do whatever he wants in the morning".

It was just a lovely typical day in our house. Brian and I woke up and made cinnamon rolls for Daddy!

They were store bought, just unroll, cook and frost! However, everyone enjoyed them!

Even Brian enjoyed them!

After everyone was dressed and ready for the day, we did a few errands, and a little cleaning up around the house. The hubby spent a few hours cleaning the car while Brian napped. The day ended with lots of playing, wrestling, and all smiles!

Father son wrestling!
Playing games on the ipad!

At the end of the day, I hope my husband knows how much we love him, even if we didn't spoil him with toys and cards! He is an amazing husband, a wonderful Dad, and hopefully very soon he will be a Dad of two boys. I am blessed to be married to an Airman, a soldier, who has worked extremely hard to provide for us, give us what we need, put food on the table (and diapers on the little ones), and still have room in his heart to love each one of us with every ounce of his heart! We love you!!

I hope you all enjoyed your Father's Day!

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