Tuesday, September 10, 2013

NM to CA Adventure!

It has begun! We have started the process of moving from Clovis, New Mexico (Cannon AFB), to Beale AFB in Northern California. Where do I even begin? First, we had to pack our entire house and send our furniture off to California. Now, when we moved from California to Okinawa, Japan and from Okinawa, Japan to New Mexico they packed our household items in ONE day! So we thought when we were leaving New Mexico, that they would pack our household items in one day as well. Boy were we wrong! It took them THREE FULL days!!!!

The first day the moving company sent ONE guy over, ONE!!! I am thinking to myself the entire time that that was just ridiculous. If they kept that up we would never get out of NM. Well, after the first day our kitchen was pretty much packed up. The second day we had two guys, and by the end of that day most of the office, dinning room, living room, kitchen and sewing room were packed up. Finally, the third day they send THREE guys and they were able to get the entire house pretty much packed up, and then our truck movers showed up and they pushed the three guys to get the job done. By 4pm on the third day the house was empty and the paper work was finalized. I was so excited to finally see our empty house again. This meant we were one step closer to getting out of Clovis!

The entire night and early morning we packed the car, and cleaned the entire house. I had muscles hurting in places I didn't even know I had. My hands hurt and were swollen from scrubbing and sweeping. I swiffered the entire house and it was looking cleaner then when we arrived. Finally, Thursday morning after waking up around 5am/6am, we had our final out/inspection. We showed the lady all the broken items, things that needed fixing and walls that we painted back to the ugly "dover white". When we were done walking through the house she said "this house is by far the cleanest house I have done a walk through in". I thought to myself, "do people really live in dirt?" I have always loved a clean, dust free, polished, vacuumed house. Who doesn't?

Well, we drove out of the drive way, went to get a money order for our last rent we owed, and when we came back to drop it off (maybe 10 minutes later), we noticed the maintenance guys were already pulling into our driveway. It was a real moment of "that house is no longer our house". The memories we made are just that now, memories. The memories of my first child crawling for the first time, walking for the first time, his first tooth, second tooth, the house we brought our second son home too, the house I successfully breastfed, and learned to juggle two kids on my own! It was a home where I learned to be a REAL mom! It was hard, in that moment, to close the door and walk away.

Now that the chapter in Clovis (Cannon AFB) was over, we said goodbye, jumped in our car and headed for Colorado. I know, your thinking Colorado, don't you mean California? Nope, we decided to take a little drive up to Colorado and see my husbands Grandma! It was so worth the 14 hour drive. The boys enjoyed being with grandma, and playing with all the new toys and cousins. After a weekend in Colorado we finally were on the road, once again, to California!

Colorado here we come, bye bye Clovis!

The drive from Colorado to California took us about 15 hours. We had a little roof rack issue at first and a few feedings and diaper changes, but we arrived safely and extremely tired around 8am at my in-laws house. We unloaded and I pretty much got the two boys squared away and when they napped, I crashed as well! I slept for about an hour or so, and that night we both, myself and my husband, slept a solid 8-9 hours of sleep! The past few days in California has been go go go. We have been getting stuff done with our car and our kids!

Sunny California!

The time we have spent in southern California so far has been awesome! We have greatly enjoyed being home with family and friends. We are going to try to enjoy a few days at Disneyland, hopefully Sea World, the beach, the parks, and with friends and family! We will be on "vacation" for about 2 more weeks and then we will deal with the 8 hours or more of a trip to Beale AFB. That will be later in the month, so stay tuned to see how well of a transition that is!

Sightseeing in our home town!

Safe Travels Everyone,

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