Monday, July 29, 2013

Wall Art for the Boys Room

If you have followed my progress with my sons bedroom, over here on this post; then you might be excited to see some of the final touches I have done. I finished up the Wall Art that I wanted to hang in the boys room. However, with our move coming up in just a few short weeks, I wont be hanging them on the wall, but I will still show you the art.

I used the bed sheets (with the monsters on it) as my point of reference. Note: you can find those bed sheets photo in my other post-linked above. To start, I had small and large paint brushes, several different sized canvases (which I bought on sale at Hobby Lobby), painters tape, different colored paint, and my pencil to draw out the monsters. I decided I wanted both the zigzags and monsters. That way it isn't too much of one thing. I started out with the monsters first. I used my pencil and drew out the monster on the canvas, making sure it was as close to the design on the sheets as possible. Once I liked what I had drawn I began painting the main body color. I then outlined it with the black, and then the yellow for the teeth, and nails.

The final product is this:

I also added in the zigzags. I did one in orange and one in blue. I kept the grey from the wall color as the main color in the zigzag and I think it will look great on the wall. I used a stencil of a zigzag that I found online. I then blew it up to the size I wanted (I did this using my printer). I then printed several of them, cut them out and taped them down onto my canvas. I then painted one of the colors, and then took the stencil off. I let the one color dry; then painted, very carefully, the 2nd color.

The finished product:

All of the canvases together look great! I will probably put one large with one small monster and one zigzag canvas, and hang them in clusters of three. Once we re-paint the room and hang the boys names again at our new place in California, I will more then likely place one cluster either with their names or spread the clusters out on the other walls. If anyone has a great way to hang clusters of photos please let me know. I love any ideas!

Happy painting,

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