Monday, December 30, 2013

Knee Surgery Update #2!

Well, its been about 8 1/2 weeks since my surgery, and 3 months since the Disneyland/ER visit. I had my first Physical Therapy (PT) sessions on Friday December 6th. It went pretty well. In the last few weeks I have been personally, on my own at home, been working on straightening my leg and bending it as much as possible. I have a new brace (about 4 weeks old) and have been walking a lot more since my last update. I am crutch free, and I don't walk with a huge limp anymore. You can still tell my knee is injured by my walk, but its less noticeable. In other words, while I'm out shopping, people don't stop and stare at me like I am a train wreck!

Two different knee sizes, left leg is still swollen.
I put in the work, mostly after the kids went to bed at night. I would pop a pain killer and wait for it to kick in. I would then bend and straighten my knee/leg as much as I could handle. I would also sleep with a smaller pillow every week, and now I sleep with nothing under my knee. I don't support my knee at all. I use my brace when I feel a lot of pain, or when I am going out in public. I try not to use it too much around the house, and try to walk as normal as possible during the day, to help build the muscles back up. I have also noticed now with my leg that my left leg is a lot skinnier then my right, all because of the lack of muscle in it. It looks horrible, but like I said I wear a brace in public so you can't really see the size difference.

The left leg (farthest away) is the one that had surgery!
 While at my first PT session on Friday the 6th, I was able to extend my leg straighter by 10 degrees. So, within one hour of doing some small amount of exercise/therapy I was able to get my knee working even more! The physical therapist is great, and was helping to remind me that (my knee) is not going to slip anymore, that now with my rehabilitation I will need to rehabilitate my mind as well. This injury has been going on for 14 plus years, so I need to remind myself often while in PT that its not the same anymore. With this surgery and PT, my knee will be stronger, and healthier; that with this surgery and PT, I will hopefully one day be able to jump, hop, skip, or even run again. I need to get my mental state back to the "norm" and tell myself I will be able to squat again, that I will be able to run again. Only time is standing between that now, only time!

I can almost cross my legs Indian style!
 I have some exercises to do; some muscle tightening and leg bends, which I will have to try and make time for (between the two kids, house work, and Holiday stuff). However, if I want to get better then I better make the time. My new goal is to get better so I can at least walk my block and start to loose the weight. I am still sitting here with a massive amount of baby weight... ugh, and can not handle it anymore. I told my physical therapist all I want to do is run again. I miss running, as I use to be on track and field and cross country in middle school. (Middle school was when the injury happened, so I never did PT in high school, I joined band instead). This year has just been a rough one, when it comes to getting this weight off and getting my life back on track. I know this PT will help, but it looks like all my 2013 new years resolutions wont be coming true. Guess its true what they say, you just never know what life has in store for you!

With all that being said, I hope the next update is a positive one with lots of happiness and joy! I have a few more PT sessions and then Ill see my Orthopedic surgeon again, so Ill definitely update you all soon (again). Until then, I hope you all have a great winter, holiday, and New Year!

Happy Holidays Everyone,

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